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Selling Real Estate At Auction

If you are in the market to sell your real estate and convert your assets into cash, now is the time to consider a real estate auction. Today more than ever, sellers are choosing the auction method to auction (sell) their real estate. Auctions can attract large groups of buyers. Auction properties are offered AS IS, WHERE IS, & AS EXISTING. There are no contingencies, and there is no limit to the dollar volume an auction can generate!

Donít hesitate! Consider the auction the method of selling your real estate and take advantage of a cash offer, binding agreement of sale, and a timely settlement. Positive market conditions and favorable financing packages are motivating buyers to act now.

PaisleyAuctions is a full service real estate auction firm that will:

  • Provide a thorough explanation of the auction method. 

  • Inspect the property, free of charge, and offer an expert opinion of the property's value. 

  • Design a targeted marketing strategy that will include a PIP (Property Information Packet), picture brochure/sale bill, newspaper advertisements, internet advertising, live internet bidding, and signs placed on the property, etc. 

  • Accurately inform the public about the property's conditions and terms of auction. 

  • Analyze any environmental issues. 

  • Handle the auction process from the initial contact with the seller through settlement. 

Benefits To The Seller

The Auction Advantage

The Seller determines when they want their property sold through an auction. A seller can have their property sold in as little as 65-75 days. This enables owners to take control of the timing and management of their real estate assets.

Seller determines the conditions under which their property is sold. Auctions allow sellers to sell their property ďas is, where is & as existingĒ, meaning there are no contingencies. This eliminates prolonged and sometimes aggravating negotiations that often end up fruitless. With an auction, your property is sold and will close normally in 30 days!

Highest Competitive Values

Through our time tested and innovative marketing programs the marketplace is alerted of your propertyís availability and brought together in the forum of the auction to bid for its purchase. Through the competitive arena of an auction, buyers compete with each other, not the seller. Through their competition optimal market values are attained.

Itís Quick & Itís Easy

Itís quick in that your property can close in 30 days or less after the auction. Itís easy because PaisleyAuctions coordinates and manages the entire process. From the collection of property information, creation of marketing materials, staffing, previews, conduct of the auction, etc. we handle all aspects. Also because the auction process is very structured, there are fewer hassles than with a conventional real estate sale.

PaisleyAuctions has been servicing buyers and sellers for over 22 years. Call now to be put on our mailing list and inquire about the auction method of buying real estate at: 610.873.8860 or email us at:

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